My wife made a couple new friends at the restaurant we went to for dinner and decided to invite them back to our place.

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Some wives are just more fun then others.. yours really likes to let loose after just a few drinks… all your friends love to hang out with the two of you for obvious reasons.

"Hurry up and fill my pussy with your cum. My husband is waiting at our table. He’ll have no idea as we enjoy our dinner that your black sperm is swimming through my womb."

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You decided to leave one bar, to head to another…  you had already manged to get your girlfriend to take her panties off,  next dare involved walking a block with her skirt hiked up.. she boldly accepted your challenge.

My wife showing some hospitality to a hitchhiker we picked up on a recent road trip.

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My wife and I at a popular dogging spot waiting for men to show up.

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These two were at the bar, and kept flirting with my wife…  I was surprised when she asked if they could come over afterwards for some drinks… I sure wasn’t going to say no!

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My wife doesn’t just flash the truckers on the highway. She meets up with them at the rest stops, climbs into their cabs and let’s them have their way with her while I keep lookout.

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"Okay, boys. Come and get me. Show my husband what my pussy looks like getting fucked by a real cock and don’t stop until my womb is filled with your black sperm."

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My wife’s side job as a professional escort was really starting to take off. She decided it would be okay for me to not chaperone her on her most recent date, since it was with a wealthy businessman from out of town who wanted to take her to the theater and a fancy dinner before going back to his hotel room.

If only he knew that his supposed high class call girl was a happily married housewife that also worked as a cheap whore in the ghetto for a black pimp who made her suck and fuck black men for pocket change in the alleys and only required non-blacks to wear condoms.

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