Sometimes, my wife likes dressing up like a trailer park whore and having me take her to a dive bar so she can flirt with all the drunk patrons. If she’s really horny, she’ll start taking them back to restroom one by one and letting them fuck her in the bathroom stall.

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My wife went out to the grocery store and I dared her to wear one of her BBC slut t-shirts. When she came back home, in addition to the groceries, she had brought home a large black stranger that noticed her shirt at the store. She led him back to our bedroom as I put the groceries away. When I  walked into the bedroom, I found her on our bed getting fucked bareback by the black stranger. It didn’t take long before he pumped his semen deep into her cunt. He told her she was a good little black cock slut and left.

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I know my wife has had too much to drink when she’s starts sucking cocks on the dancefloor.


You had your wife out at the bar, and after a few drinks, she was feeling pretty open to new experiences.  You went to the bathroom, and while there a guy noticed the image on your phone, about liking to watch strangers use your wife..  he followed you out, and bought your wife a few more drinks.. then a bit later, suggested a step outside for some fresh air…

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When you offered to take your wife past the “black” part of town and check out a few clubs, she knew exactly what you had in mind, and even suggested a club herself..


Bit you said to welcome your friends…..what could be more welcoming?



Just doing a little laundry……oh, and sucking a huge black dick.

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In addition to being a nympho slut, my wife loves to play homemaker. When I have buddies over, she loves to serve us all food before servicing all of our cocks.

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