Whenever I take my wife out clubbing, it doesn’t take long for her to start making new friends. Once she has a couple drinks and starts getting really horny, she loses all inhibitions and starts taking guys in the restroom stall, or just sucks and fucks them in a dark corner of the club. If she get’s caught and kicked out of the club, she’ll either invite some of the guys back to our place, or just continue the action out in the parking lot for all to see.

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"This is the outfit that Reggie bought for me, baby. Do you like it?

Well, of course it’s too revealing, silly. That’s the point.

He said he’s taking me to one of the black night clubs downtown, and I’m not allowed to stop any man from feeling me up or groping me.

He also said that I’m to introduce myself as “Reggie’s slut”, and to inform any man that tries to hit on me that they may use my body, but only with Reggie’s permission.”

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After our wedding, my wife and I went to the Caribbean for our honeymoon. She got a great kick out of acting slutty with all the men we partied with, especially since they all knew we had just gotten married. She said she enjoyed being a shameless slut in public on her honeymoon.

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I took my wife out for drinks at a local bar. After a few cocktails, I went to the restroom. When I got back to our table, there was a black guy sitting in the booth talking to my wife. He had apparently approached her while I was in the restroom, and now she was obviously flirting with him. I sat down just in time to hear her explaining to him that, even though she was married to me, she also loved to fuck other guys. And as as black cock slut, she never makes black guys wear condoms.
After a couple more drinks, my wife took him into the back alley to show him she was serious. I kept lookout as she pulled down her pants and let him stick his big black cock into her pussy bareback. He didn’t last long before he couldn’t hold back anymore and drained his balls deep into my wife’s pussy. She pulled up her pants and thanked him for a good time before we parted ways. Just another night for my slutty little wife.

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Even though my wife had become the boss’s slut at the office I worked at, she still found time to service other cocks in the office, too.

One of the janitors was an older black guy, and when the cleaning crew would clean the bathrooms, my wife would sneak into the mens room to suck and fuck the old black janitor.

Once word got around, cleaning the bathroom became quite a popular event in our office, with most of the staff crowding into the restroom to watch my wife service the janitor’s cock.

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I was hesitant to let my wife spend the night with her newest lover. She had played the role of overnight sex slave with some of her other lovers before, but not with a guy like this. This guy was a very dominant, black thug that was in a gang and lived in the ghetto.

She said he took her to a crack house in the ‘hood, tied her up, and laid her on a dirty mattress on the floor. She said she was scared until he let all of his gang member buddies fuck her and she became lost in ecstasy. As the night went on, she got all of her holes used by each of the men as well as any other guys who happened to stop by the house.

When he finally brought her back home, she said she had a great time and couldn’t wait to be a whore for him and his friends again.

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"Look, honey. I know we agreed that you would always be present when I fucked other guys, but I love Lamar and I’ll do anything for his cock. So when he said he wanted a romantic evening alone with me, I had to agree.

I hope you don’t mind staying at a hotel tonight, but honestly, I’m really turned on by the idea of another man fucking me all over the house when my husband isn’t home, then spending the night in my marital bed.

I mean, you already share my pussy with other guys, so what’s the big deal about sharing the house and the bed for a night, right?

I promise I’ll tell you all the juicy details tomorrow.

Now, do you think Lamar will like me in this outfit when he comes over?”

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When I got my wife a job as a secretary in my office, I never imagined the boss would take such a special interest in her.
He must’ve been able to tell she was a true slut, because he quickly promoted her to his personal assistant, and it was no secret around the office that her main job was servicing his cock.

I couldn’t help but be turned by the fact that my wife was also the office slut and everyone knew it. The boss made her wear the skimpiest of outfits and would openly grope and molest her in the office.

He also made her suck his cock every morning after bringing him his coffee. One day, we all walked in for the morning meeting and she was still on her knees sucking his big cock. He started the meeting casually as my wife continued blowing him, until finally he pulled his cock out and shot all over her face. She sat down at the meeting table with cum all over her face, and we resumed the meeting as if nothing strange had just happened.

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My wife and I were having a quiet night watching tv on the couch when one of her lovers came over and said he was horny and needed to bust a nut into her slutty little pussy. She instantly obliged and began letting him use her body for his own sexual gratification right in the middle of our living room floor. I watched the incredible show they put on while I waited for my turn to slide my cock into her stretched-out, used pussy. This was far better than anything on tv anyway.

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When I told my wife that one of my sexual fantasies was her becoming a black cock slut, she got so turned on by the idea that she decided to make it a reality. She vowed to spread her legs for any black man who wanted her and never to make them wear condoms. Now she says there’s a chance the baby could be mine, but not likely. Most of the guys she fucks are black guys who have huge cocks and can cum massive loads deeper into her pussy than I can.

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