For our anniversary, my wife and I decided it would be hot if she wore her wedding dress while getting gangbanged by black cock. It was just like re-living our honeymoon.

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My lovely wife showing her oral skills to our houseguests during her most recent blowjob party.

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My wife and I had been planning a gangbang with a bunch of her black lovers, but I got called out of town for business. We decided she should go ahead with the gangbang anyway since we had already made all the plans. I was in the middle of a business conference when she sent me a picture of herself as she waited for the guests to arrive.

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Neighborhood gangbang at our house. My wife gets incredibly aroused by knowing she has a reputation as the town cum dumpster.

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My wife says that even though she loves my gentle, loving touch as her husband, she really gets off on being used and roughly fucked by big dicked black studs who only see her as an object for their own sexual pleasure.

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"I’m ready to go out dancing, baby. Can we go to one of the hip hop clubs? I love to see the look on a young black stud’s face when he reaches under my skirt and finds that I’m not wearing panties."

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I came home during my lunch break to try to sneak in a quickie with my wife, but found that I’d have to get in line. She was already getting double teamed by a couple guys from our neighborhood.

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Mine too!!!

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My wife and I were on vacation visiting a nude beach when we came upon a black guy with a huge cock. She couldn’t resist her arousal at the sight of his big black dick and droppedĀ  to her knees and started sucking his cock right there in front of everyone.

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