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"Yes, this is all I’m wearing. Don’t be so uptight, dear. It’s just going to be my boss and some of our new clients coming over for dinner, and it’s not like they haven’t seen me like this before.

Actually, they’re not used to seeing me wear anything at all. How do you think I got these clients to sign the new contract anyway? And my boss sees me like this all the time. After all, I do suck his cock every morning, and usually he’ll fuck me at least once in the afternoon. In fact, he probably fucks me more than you do, so don’t be uptight just because my outfit is a little revealing.”

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My wife and I had to have a plumber over to fix our kitchen sink. The plumber just happened to be a big black guy, and when he saw my pretty little wife, he started getting a noticeable erection that protruded from his jeans. When my wife glimpsed his large cock, I saw her eyes light up and I knew what was in store.

After he fixed everything, my wife thanked him and asked if she could return the favor by draining his pipe. Of course he eagerly agreed and I got to watch her suck his massive black snake in the middle of our kitchen.

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Some of the college guys that frequent the strip club my wife works at part-time asked her to come be the entertainment at one of their frat parties. I wasn’t feeling too well that night, so I couldn’t stay and chaperone. Instead I just dropped her off at the party and told her I’d be back first thing in the morning to pick her up. Apparently she had gotten way too drunk and let every guy at the party fuck her and use her body even after she had passed out.

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My wife loses all her inhibitions when she gets drunk. Last Mardi Gras she did a lot more than just flash her tits in the streets.

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I had to go out of town for a business trip over the weekend, so my wife decided to keep herself busy by posting an ad on the internet inviting a bunch of guys over for one of her famous blowjob parties. I love watching her suck cock and hated to miss the party but she at least made sure to send me lots of pictures.

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"This pool party is going to be so much fun, baby! This was a great idea. Do you think this outfit is okay? I invited all the guys from the neighborhood, so they should start showing up any minute. You start working the grill, baby, and I’ll make sure the guests are entertained."

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My wife and I decided to have a “non-traditional” honeymoon. We had a normal wedding and reception, but afterwards was a different story.

She said she had a superstition that our marriage would only last as many years as the number of guys she fucked on our honeymoon before me, and she wanted our marriage to last the rest of our lives, so she invited a bunch of black guys up to our honeymoon suite for a gangbang.

We both lost count of how many guys fucked her that night before I finally did, but we both agreed it was enough for our marriage to last happily ever after.

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My wife loves getting felt up on the dancefloor as she struts her stuff and tries to decide which guys she wants to take back to our hotel room.